Analyze This: Star Trek Geological Tricorder

Diamond Select Star Trek Original Series Geological TricorderComing exclusively to Entertainment Earth: the Star Trek Geological Tricorder.  Inspired by the original TV series, Diamond Select designed and developed this detailed prop replica to match the production version as closely as possible.  The Geological Tricorder features two opening compartments, adjustable shoulder strap, removable vials of mineral samples, blinking lights, a removable scanner with motion effects, and  features the voice of Majel Barrett-Roddenberry as the computer.  Shipping in July, this 1:1 scale replica retails for about $45.

The Tricorder includes 6 phrases and sounds from the show, including: 

    Diamond Select Star Trek Original Series Geological Tricorder

  • “Working”
  • “Standing By”
  • “Computer Affirmative”
  • “Computer Data Received”
  • Library Computer sounds
  • “Computer Accomplished”

Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth.  Retail price $44.99