DC Unlimited Dragon Age Action Figures Series 1

DC Unlimited Dragon Age GenlockDC Direct has posted new images of the upcoming Dragon Age action figure series from DC Unlimited.  Based on the 2009 video game Dragon Age: Origins from Electronic Arts, the new figure series captures four of the heroes and villains from the game.  The action figures are approximately 6.5 inches tall and cost about $24 apiece.  They are schedule for release on September 29, 2010, and available for pre-order now from several retailers and comic shops.

Figures in the Dragon Age series 1 include:

  • Duncan (6.75″ high)
  • Genlock (5.14″ high)
  • Loghain (6.7″ high)
  • Morrigan (6.5″ high)

Available for pre-order from Amazon.com.  Retail price $23.99 each

Via Toy News International

DC Unlimited Dragon Age DuncanDC Unlimited Dragon Age LoghainDC Unlimited Dragon Age Morrigan