Limited Edition Doctor Who: First Doctor and Dalek Figures

Doctor Who First Doctor and Black Dalek
Doctor Who First Doctor and Black Dalek

From the floor of the ComicCon 2009 convention in San Diego comes the latest Doctor Who collectible, a limited-edition action figure set of the First Doctor and Black Dalek. Available in color, as well as a variant black and white version, this set captures the first incarnation of the Doctor, portrayed by William Hartnell, and the Black Delek designated as the “Supreme Controller” in the episode “Dalek Invasion of Earth” (December 1964).

This is the first appearance of the First Doctor as part of Character Options classic figure series from Underground Toys. Additional limited edition figures in the series have also been released (or forthcoming), including the Second and Sixth Doctors.

When the classic Doctor Who sci fi series first appeared on British television on November 23, 1963, it was broadcast in black and white. The color version of the figure set is based on pictures taken “behind the scenes” during filming. Hartnell’s Doctor figure shows him wearing checked pants and topcoat, vest and necktie, along with his rough-hewn cane. The Black Dalek reflects the colors used on the show: black, silver and sky blue. The Dalek figure varies most noticeably from other later Daleks by the double neck banding and energy collecting dish on its back.

Available from Entertainment Earth and other specialty retailers. Set retails for $45.95.

Doctor Who Trivia Bit: In 1972, the BBC began a “purge” of its archives to save costs, including all 253 black-and-white episodes of  Doctor Who first broadcast between November 1963 and April 1969. Since 1978, Doctor Who fans and others have recovered many episodes tagged “missing believed wiped”.  108 of the 253 episodes still remain missing.