Doctor Who Props Go Under the Gavel

Doctor Who Auction 2010 BonhamsAttention Doctor Who collectors and fans.  Several costumes and props from the BBC’s long-running Doctor Who series go up for auction February 24 at Bonhams in London.  The auction includes costumes and props from the David Tennant years, as well as items from prior Doctor incarnations. It’s a fantastic selection of new and old pieces that would be great additions to anyone’s collection.

Items going under the gavel later this month include:

  • David Tennant’s two-piece Paul Smith dinner suit (from Voyage of the Damned special)
  • Kyle Minogue’s waitress costume (also from Voyage of the Damned)
  • David Morrissey’s complete costume from the 2008 episode, The Next Doctor
  • Cyberman costumes of various designs and sizes from the 1980s
  • Two Imperial Daleks from 1988 (one was altered for exhibition purposes)
  • A jacket, pajamas and dressing gown worn by Billie Piper
  • Various garments worn by Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate
  • A Sea Devil Warrior costume
  • And many more items

More information on the auction, including anticipated prices at gavel drop, can be found from the Guardian, the BBC and Bonhams.

Doctor Who Auction CybermanDoctor Who Auction Sea DevilDoctor Who Auction Next Doctor

Images courtesy of Bonhams