Going Back to the Future…in a Dirty DeLorean

Art Asylum's Back to the Future 3 DeLorean
Art Asylum's Back to the Future 3 DeLorean

Art Asylum has posted a few preview pictures of their upcoming release of the DeLorean from Back to the Future 3.  Following the successful runs of previous reproductions of the renowned time machine, Art Asylum is wrapping up the third in their series.  The estimated release date is April 2010.

Sporting the latest in 1950’s technology and fashionable whitewalls, as well as some good old western dust and dirt, this machine is certainly ready to take you wherever (and whenever) you need to go in style.

Art Asylum's Back to the Future 3 DeLoreanBased on the progress pics at Art Asylum, this replica will also have similar lighting effects (and I imagine sound effects) found in their Back to the Future 2 piece.  Although not stated, the new model appears to follow the same 1:15 scale as the prior releases, putting it at about 13″ long.

Available soon from Diamond Select, Entertainment Earth, and other retailers.  Retail price not yet announced (though EE has it for pre-order at $49.95)