Halo: Reach Special Editions Revealed by Bungie

Bungie Halo:Reach Legendary EditionBungie and Microsoft revealed today the details of the new Halo: Reach video game, exclusive to the Xbox 360.  Three “flavors” will be available for gamers this fall: standard, Limited and Legendary editions.  The Legendary edition includes the coveted 10-inch Nobel Team statuette.  All three editions are available for pre-order right now from many retailers, including GameStop and Amazon, with retail prices ranging from $60 to $150.

Halo: Reach. What’s in the Box?

The standard version of Halo: Reach is exactly that, just the game disc and manual.  And for most players, that will be just fine.  With a retail price of $60, you get a lot of great game play for a pretty good price.  But if Halo is more than just a game to you, then the Limited or Legendary versions may what you need.

Bungie Halo:Reach Limited EditionThe Limited edition has the game and manual, plus a few more goodies.  The game disc is housed in a recovered ONI ”black box”, includes an exclusive in-game Elite armor set for use in multiplayer modes, plus it has an artifact bag with “Dr. Halsey’s personal journal and other classified documents and effects that unravel long held secrets from the Halo Universe”.  Retail price for the Limited edition is $80.

Bungie Halo: Reach Legendary StatuetteThe Holy Grail for Halo devotees is the Legendary edition, which includes the limited-edition Noble Team statue, designed by McFarlane Toys.  The Legendary edition gets you everything from the Limited edition, the hand-painted & numbered statue, plus an exclusive multiplayer Spartan armor effort, all packed up in a nifty UNSC-themed box.  The price for such Halo goodness?  $150.  Is it worth it?  That’s your call.

All editions available for pre-order from Gamestop and other retailers.  Retail price ranges from $59.99 (Standard) to $149.99 (Legendary)

Via Crave. Images courtesy Bungie