James Cameron’s AVATAR Movie Toys Coming This October

AVATAR AMP suitThe Mattel line of action figures, creatures and vehicles based on the upcoming James Cameron film, AVATAR, is set to begin shipping in October.  The toy lineup includes 4.25″ figures for the Na’vi characters, accented with glow-in-the-dark luminescence, as well as 3.75″ figures based on the human characters (such as Jake Sully, Col. Quaritch and Dr. Grace Augustine).  Each figure comes with a unique weapon or accessory and exclusive character-specific i-TAG.

The i-TAG, an “augmented reality technology”, is a new introduction for retail toys from Mattel:

Each action figure, vehicle and creature in the product line will come with a 3-D web tag, called an i-TAG, which consumers can “scan” using a home computer’s webcam.  Scanning the i-TAG will reveal special content onscreen unique to the corresponding product.  Exact content varies for each item, but could include biographical information, additional images and animated models of the figures.  When the i-TAG for deluxe figures, vehicles or creatures are placed under a webcam, animated 3-D models will “come alive” through engaging, evading or defending moves.  Place two i-TAGs from the “Battle Pack” together and the 3-D images will interact with each other.

To  go along with the figure assortment, Mattel is releasing a set of  articulated, detailed Na’vi creatures, each designed to carry any basic Avatar figure and accented with glow-in-the-dark luminescence.   Vehicles such as the Scorpion Gunship, AMP Suit and ATV will be made for the human characters.

Available for pre-order from ToyWiz.com and other retailers.  Retail prices start at $12.99