New Halo Mongoose Sets from McFarlane Toys

Halo Mongoose with Spartan EVA Attention Halo fans and collectors. Coming in April, McFarlane Toys introduces two new M274 Ultra-Light, All-Terrain Vehicle toy sets. The M274 Ultra-Light, AKA the Mongoose, comes in two versions: Mongoose with 5″ Yellow/Blue Spartan EVA and Mongoose with 5″ ODST Rookie in VISR Mode.  The VISR mode vehicle and ODST Rookie feature glow-in-the-dark paint.

From the McFarlane Toys press release:


This new version of the Mongoose features the 2-person vehicle as it first appeared in Halo 3. Vehicle comes with a Spartan EVA figure in multiplayer yellow and blue — the perfect color-coordinated driver for the yellow and blue Elite Flight figure from Series 7.


Our first campaign Mongoose set is inspired by the story of the latest Halo game, Halo 3: ODST. Though not as powerful as a Spartan, Orbital Drop Shock Troopers such as the Rookie have a unique vision enhancement to make up for it: VISR mode. This low-light amplification system outlines friendly units in green and enemy units in red.

Check out the McFarlane Toys site for more details and images of the upcoming sets, as well as other Halo figures in the Series 8 collection.

Available for pre-order from and other retailers.  Retail price varies.

Mongoose with VISR RookieMongoose with Spartan EVAMongoose with Rookie VISR