New Star Trek Replicas at Entertainment Earth

Star Trek Medical Kit Replica
Image credit: Entertainment Earth

We already mentioned the new Star Trek PADD and Geological Tricorder replicas available at Entertainment Earth, but they also have several other new Star Trek collectibles coming in May and June, and more later in 2010.  A veritable feast for the Star Trek fan and collector, with over 50 new replicas across a wide range of prices.  The most expensive on the list? The Captain’s chair priced at $5600. Check out the partial list below.

Tricorders and Communicators:

Star Trek Communicator from The Cage

Star Trek Tricorder from Voyager : Endgame

Medical Scanners and Equipment:

Star Trek Mark X Medical Tricorder

Star Trek Medical Spray Healer and Reader Tube

Phasers and Weapons:

Star Trek First Contact Phaser Rifle

Star Trek Original Series Kligat


Star Trek Next Generation Boomerang Hand Phaser

Combadges and Insignia:

Star Trek Starfleet Science Division Badge Replica

Star Trek Starfleet 2360S Combadge Replica

Other Replicas:

Star Trek Original Series Captain's Chair

Star Trek Voyager Holo Emitter Version 2

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Defiant Dedication Plaque