QMx: Mal’s Holster Replica from Firefly

Firefly Mal Holster Artisan ReplicaQuantum Mechanix opens pre-orders tomorrow for their new Mal holster artisan replica, from Firefly.  At 3 P.M. (ET) on May 14, 2010, you can go to the QMx website to place your order for this highly limited-edition leather replica of Malcolm Reynolds’ gun holster.  The holster costs about $300, and only 500 pieces will be produced.  It is expected to ship in August, 2010.  [A stunt pistol replica is also available for an additional $160.]

From the QMx site:

QMx is proud to present this limited edition fine leather replica of unparalleled quality, accuracy and beauty: The Malcolm Reynolds Holster Artisan Replica. This Firefly-vintage Mal holster has been painstakingly researched and recreated by Karl Derrick, the leading expert on Firefly props working in the industry today.

Karl has personally verified every aspect of the holster – from the dye color to the brass buckles – ensuring a perfect match with the original screen-used holster rig. Each replica holster is meticulously crafted by Karl himself in his United Kingdom leathersmithing shop.

For more details on the Mal holster replica, visit the product detail page at QMx.

Available for pre-order from Quantum Mechanix.  Retail price $299.95