Sideshow Collectibles Transformers License Announced

Optimus PrimeSideshow Collectibles has officially announced a licensing arrangement with Hasbro to produce Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Maquettes and Statues.  Although the agreement was mentioned in July during their panel presentation at the San Diego Comic-Con, the official notice didn’t come until September.   According to Sideshow Collectibles, the first piece to be produced will be a 20-inch Optimus Prime Maquette.

From the Sideshow Collectibles press release:

The Sideshow Collectibles team looks forward to the release of its first products as a great addition to Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS franchise. “Coming from a generation that grew up with these characters, we think the fan reaction to these collectibles will be very positive,” states Sideshow Creative Director Tom Gilliland, adding, “Creating these icons for collectors is a venture that we’re happy to undertake.”

Via Cool Toy Review