TARDIS Cookie Jar: Bigger on the Inside?

Doctor Who TARDIS Talking Cookie Jar
Image credit: ThinkGeek

Now, all of your cookies kept in one place!  The TARDIS cookie jar, available at ThinkGeek, solves all your cookie storage problems.  OK, maybe not.  Although the Doctor’s TARDIS may be infinitely bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, this cookie jar won’t quite offer that level of cookie storage.  But it is pretty cool looking, and it even “talks” (alright, it makes neat sound effect noises).  Let’s just hope it doesn’t dematerialize off your counter and show up in some distant part (or time) of the galaxy with all your Oreo cookies.  Selling for about $27, this cookie containing contraption stands about 11 inches tall and uses 3 button cell batteries (which they are kind enough to include).

Available from ThinkGeek and other retailers.  Retail price $26.99