Topps Widevision Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cards

Topps Widevision Cards Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Topps Widevision Cards Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Topps is scheduled to release their latest Widevision Cards set next week, approximately October 26, based on the first season of the animated series Star Wars The Clone Wars.  Detailing every episode from the series with key CGI scenes presented in the original widescreen aspect ratio, these extra-wide cards will also feature quotes, trivia, and insider information on the back of each card.  There will be about 80 cards in the main set, plus lots of other goodies.

Additional inserts in the packaging will include:

  • SEASON 2 SNEAK PREVIEWS (1:2) – Unseen images from Season 2
  • FLIX PIX MOTION CARDS (1:8) – Motion cards that contain all the action of the show
  • ANIMATION CLEAR CELS (1:4) – Transparent, premium-quality plastic cards
  • FOIL CARDS (1:3) – Features profiles of the show’s main characters

A hobby exclusive version will also include:

  • SKETCH CARDS (1 per box) – Original hand drawings by today’s top sketch artists
  • ANIMATOR SKETCH CARDS (TBD) – By the show’s animators
  • AUTOGRAPHS (TBD) – Signatures from the show’s key cast members

Some card shops offering boxes and cases as pre-sell items have already sold out, though there are other online card dealers still taking orders, such as Blowout Cards, plus there is eBay.

Available soon from Target, Shoko, Toys “R” Us and other retailers.

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