Tron-inspired T-shirt at Threadless

Tron-inspired T-shirt Are you anxious for the new Tron sequel to come out and just can’t wait?  Looking for the right thing to wear for the Tron Legacy movie premier?  Threadless is here to help, offering a Tron-inspired t-shirt and hoody creation called “My Other Ride is a Light Cycle” from Rolf Nelson.  By day, it’s a circuit-board design on light blue background; in the dark it glows.  The t-shirts for men and women retail for about $20; the hoody for $45. Quantities are limited, so you had better move at the speed of light to get one for yourself.

Available from Threadless.  Retail price $20 (t-shirt)

Tron-inspired glowing t-shirtTron-inspired Hoody

Via CrunchGear