Underground Toys: Eleventh Doctor Crash Set Action Figures

Underground Toys 11th Doctor Crash SetMatt Smith, the latest incarnation in the Doctor Who series, has just hit the airwaves, and Underground Toys is right there with a new action figure set.  The new Crash Set 2-pack features two highly detailed versions of the 11th Doctor from the episode “Eleventh Hour”. In one version, the figure is still wearing the ripped, tattered remains of the 10th Doctor’s suit following an explosion in the TARDIS; in the other version, the Doctor is sporting a tweed jacket, bow tie and boots pilfered from lockers at the local hospital.  The set will be available this May from several retailers and sell for about $26.

The 5-inch figure also includes the Doctor’s new sonic screwdriver, though a bit hard to see the detail at such a small scale (a larger scale version of the new sonic screwdriver is also coming).

Available for pre-order from Entertainment Earth and other retailers.  Retail price $25.99

Via ComicsAlliance